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1968-Present E-Series Van/Cutaway/Chassis. Best Diff Oil for Dana 60. 1968-Present E-Series Van/Cutaway/Chassis Econolines. E150, E250, E350, E450 and E550.There are 43 choices for the 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Rear Axle Assembly !!! Choose Your Option. Chassis Cab dual rear wheels 10.50" ring gear (5.4L) 3.73 ratio. Chassis Cab dual rear wheels 10.50" ring gear (5.4L) 4.10 ratio. Chassis Cab dual rear wheels 11.25" ring gear 6.0L (diesel) from 12/05/05 standard axle package 3.73 ratio.

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A few weeks ago I drained and changed the rear diff fluid in my DRW F350. I have no idea what came out of it, viscosity or if it's sinthetic or dino juice. In a pinch, I just put back in what was availible at my buddy's garage, which turned out to be 75/90wt. Took almost 2 gallons, and a dash of Posi additive.23889 posts · Joined 2006. #20 · Nov 9, 2019. When you open it up, rotate the carrier so you can see the 3 steel tabs on either side of the spider gears. You should be able so see some friction discs in between. If not, it's time for a rebuild of the LS unit. Current: '85 Bronco, '96 F350, '08 F350, '78 F150, '88 F250.Likes: 4. Received 6 Likes on 5 Posts. 2015 F350 V8 6.7L Dually 4WD, Differentials and fluids. Truck: 2015 F350 V8 6.7L 4WD DRW. My brain is fried from hunting for information regarding the differentials on my truck! Here is what I know and don't know. 1. I am pretty sure the rear differential is a Dana 80. The tag on the differential has the ...Rear axle fluid (10.50 inch axle) with/without Electronic Locking Differential: Motorcraft® SAE 75W-85 Premium Synthetic Hypoid Gear Lubricant XY-75W85-QL WSS-M2C942-A Rear axle fluid (Dana M300 except 3.73 ratio Chassis Cab) (U.S.): Motorcraft® SAE 80W-90 Premium Rear Axle Lubricant XY-80W90-QL1994.5-2003 Ford Superduty 7.3L Diesel Maintenance Guide. ... Replace Rear Differential Fluid: 30,000 miles or immediately if submerged in water: 50,000 km: Replace Front Differential Fluid: ... Part Type: Part # or Year: Amazon Link: Engine Oil: XO-15W40-QSD 15W40: Motorcraft 15W40 (Recommended)Thread Tools. Search this Thread. # 1. 06-25-2011, 07:37 AM. daveplot. Elder User. Thread Starter. Join Date: Jul 2003. Location: Salisbury, MD. Posts: 746. Likes: 0. …I will go for Mobil1 without friction modifier. There is $40 off $100 coupon code at advance auto. Even after that, it is adding up to $71 for front and rear. 75W-90 for front is much cheaper at $12/qt, while rear 75W-140 is $20/qt. It is 3.5 qt for ear and 2.5 qt for front if remember correctly.Depending on configuration, the 2005 Ford F-250 may have either a limited slip rear differential or a standard rear differential. In either case, You'll be using 7.0 pints of 75W-140. However, if You're equipped with a limited slip differential, it's also wise to use LSD additive, which primes and conditions the differential for optimal usage. The front …Use an appropriate tool to remove the fill port plug. In the case below it is the end of an 3/8 drive extension. 2. Check the Gear Oil Level. Removal of the plug will allow access to the inside of the differential housing where the gear oil level can be checked. Using a small wire, or some use their little finger to check the fluid level which ...Doing the Dana 60 differential service fluid change with full synthetic oil. Don’t forget to do this maintenance every 40K-80K Miles. Depending on usage of 4...Sep 12, 2014 · Follow me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/truckstuff.trey/This applies to any SRW F250/F350 1999-CurrentIts very easy to change the differential fluid ... 3.7 liter Engine code K Fluid Capasity: Engine oil with filter 4.7 liter 5W-30 Cooling system: Total fill 10.0 liter Automatic transmission total fill 13.3 liter (W5A580 7.7 liter) Front differential 1.7 liter Rear differential 2.2 liter Transfer case …The capacity is however much you need to fill the case up to the drain plug, usually 2-3 quarts per axle. Sterling 10.25" will take more than an 8.8", I'd have 4qt on hand. 80w-90 for light duty but I always run 85w-140 conventional or 75w-140 synthetic. I'll take a little mpg hit over worn parts if hauling or towing.Rear differential capacity. So I bought the early 99 F350 7.3l dually I was asking questions about a couple of weeks ago. I get the shutter in the rear differential on slow turns, so I'm off to change the fluid. I didn't get any owners manuals with the truck, so I have no idea what the capacity is. The VIN sticker says the axle is an "F2".The info below specifies which oil your differentiaFluid transfer pump. Drain pan. Step 1: Jack up your truck to get 205-208 (T83T-4676-A) Removal. Remove the pinion flange. For additional information, refer to Drive Pinion Flange in this section. Force up on the metal flange of the rear axle drive pinion seal (4676). Install gripping pliers to the seal flange and strike with a hammer until the rear axle drive pinion seal is removed. Differential fluid lubricates the differential in all-w Originally Posted by m-chan68. homeschoolin, your DRW 2006 F-350 is equipped with a Dana 80 rear axle, and I am 100% positive on that. Wulfman, Dana S110 and S130 rear axles are for F-450/F-550 applications. The Ford Workshop Manual specifies 75W90 weight gear oil, for this rear axle. Thanks for the confirm.On the 1997 Ford F150, the differential could be in both the front and rear. From 1997 and on Ford used two different axles. Your truck could either have the 8.8 or 9.75 differential. The 2004 Ford F-350 as a heavy truck uses a rear gear oil

Planning on doing the rear diff in the next few weeks. I was contemplating AMSOIL Severe Gear. Their footnote reads: " [5] Add 8 oz. (236 ml) of Additive Friction Modifier XL-3 or. equivalent formulated to meet Ford Spec EST-M2C118-A. for complete refill of limited slip axles." My owners manual says to add 4 oz.These should be replaced at the same time the hub oil seals are replaced, but often they are neglected. If your axle is leaking "big time", though, the diff is probably overfilled or else the breather is clogged. Reply Like. # 5. 10-16-2007, 07:05 AM.But if your F-350 has dual rear wheels, it has a Dana 80 rear axle that requires SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lubricant XY-75W90-GLS . Ford told their techs to use 75w140 synthetic for duallys that work hard. Front axle requires SAE 90 Premium Rear Axle Lubricant C2AZ-19580-F per the workshop manual, but your Owner's Guide probably says 75w90.Rear Differential fluid change. Since I did the tuner stuff I figured I would do a little more. I tow an 11k lbs boat and about the same travel trailer. Not often enough but at 46k miles I thought it was time to take care of rear differential., First the manual says not to change it unless it is submerged in water and water intrusion.1999 - 2003 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel - 99 f350 7.3l 4x4 rearend diff fluid questions - i have a 99 f350 7.3l 4x4 i need to change the front seal on the rearend i know it takes 75w 140 synthetic gear oil i plan on using the royal purple my question is how many quarts does it hold from being complely empty ive put alot...

I'll probably end up going with the 75w90 like you did unless I can find a compelling reason not too. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - Front Diff. Fluid Change - I would have posted this down in the other section of the forum but it looks as if nobody ever replies to anything! I have a 2003 Super Duty and I'm looking to change all my drive line fluids.Fluid transfer pump. Drain pan. Step 1: Jack up your truck to get to the rear differential. If your vehicle has enough lift, you may be able to skip this step. Step 2: Remove the fill plug first—it can be tough to open—you don't want to be surprised by a jammed fill plug after you've drained your differential.Join me as I replace the front axle differential oil on my 2016 F350 service truck.Music:Snake on the Beach - Nico Staf…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. May 16, 2019 · Proper maintenance interval for t. Possible cause: AFE Power 10.5" Rear Differential Cover 94-22 Ford F-250 / F-350 $ 355 2050-01-01.

There were a few. Some required 75W-90 on this model, and others 75W-140, depending on the diff. Looks like you do know you need the 75W-140. AMSOIL Gear Lubes do not require the use of a friction modifier, but if you do add, the Ford spec calls for 8 oz of it, in a limited slip.Shop now for Gaskets for 1999-2016 Ford F350 Dual Rear Wheel Trucks with Dana-Spicer Model 80 Rear Axles. Great selection. In stock. Quick shipping. 1999-2016 Dana 80 Rear Axles in Super Duty F-350 Dual Rear Wheel Trucks did not use any cut gaskets. The Diff Cover is sealed with RTV sealant and the axle shafts use o-rings to seal against the hub.

Ford F-350 Super Duty 6.0L 2006, Differential Cover Deep Reach Magnetic Fill Plug by aFe®. The aFe Power deep reach magnetic fill plug captures loose particles from your differential cover fluid for maximum rear-end protection. This is... $33.00. aFe® Differential Cover Oil Level Sight Glass.Ford 10.50" axle-3.5q of 75W-140 GL synthetic lubricant. While you're doing the rear, might as well pick up enough to do the front diff and tranfer case. Front axle Dana 60 requires 3q of 75W-90 QL synthetic and transfer case requires 2q of MERCON ATF. Also, check out the 08+ aluminum rear diff covers.

AFE Power 10.5" Rear Differential Cover 94-22 Ford Apr 9, 2020 · The 2004 Ford F-350 as a heavy truck uses a rear gear oil with a viscosity of 75W-140. The differential casing can be found under the truck in the middle of the driveshaft. The cover is fastened with fourteen 10mm bolts and the plug can be opened using a 3/8" drive. Examine the plug for metal shavings from the gears. It's installed with a magnet. Amazon.com: Mag-Hytec Rear Differential Cover 86-12 Ford F-250 / F350 Truck & SUV w/ 12-10.25 axle : Automotive ... Then I found a YouTube series by Banks Power where they evaluate aftermarket diff covers and the fluid dynamics inside them. Banks shows that this cover is way, way worse than the factory one because of the 90 degree angles and ... It's important to differentiate your contentYes, this is what most owners do. I'd use what' Shop for the best Differential Cover Gasket for your 2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty, and you can place your order online and pick up for free at your local O'Reilly ... 2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty ... Differential Cover Gasket Rear; With Ford 10.5 Axle. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Material: Composite. Thickness (mm): 0.76mm To ... I went to the Dunes with my brother over on the Oregon F-350 rear axle identify. I bought a rear axle with a broken ring gear for a project truck. In working on my F350 driver I needed to replace a rear caliper and found there was a right and left. I thought (scary things happen) and looked at my project rear axle and it does not have a right or left. The right caliper hangs on the rear and the ...change, d80, differential, dually, f350, fluid, ford. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - Rear Differential fluid change - On a 2000 F350 super duty dually, doesn't changing fuid consist of removing the pumpkin cover on the differential housing and reinstalling with new gasket and filling fuid to bottom of filler hole. My ford dealer wants $200.00. The Ford F-350 engine oil capacity is betThe differential may start to drain as soon as you loosen thRear axle - F-350 (Dana M80) 8.5 pints (4.0L) Motorc Name Specification Motor oil (U.S.): 5 Motorcraft® SAE 10W-30 Super Duty Diesel Motor Oil XO-10W30-QSD WSS-M2C171-F1 Motor oil (Canada): 5 Motorcraft® SAE 10W-30 Super Duty Diesel Motor Oil CXO-10W30-LSD12 WSS-M2C171-F1 Engine and secondary cooling system coolant (U.S.): Motorcraft® Yellow Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant VC-13DL-GUsing the electronic locking differential on dry pavement can result in increased tire wear, noise and vibration. The electronic locking differential is a device housed in the rear axle that allows both rear wheels to turn at the same speed. The electronic locking differential provides additional traction should your vehicle become stuck. aFe For Ford F-350 Super Duty 1999-2004 Differential Cove 1 / 1. Clutch, Transmission, Differential, Axle & Transfer Case - 1979 Rear Differential Fluid - I am getting some drips on my garage floor from the rear differential. The bottom of the differential is wet and I am guessing the gasket needs replaced. Do they make gasgets for this still or should I use that silicone gasket...The overtime differential is most commonly a rate of one and one-half times a non-exempt worker's regular rate. Shift differential pay rates make this calculation more complicated.... Forum Jump. Clutch, Transmission, Differentia[The 2006 Ford F-150 rear differential fluid type iS75w-140. Ma205-208 (T83T-4676-A) Removal. Remove the pinion flange. For 94. Location. MN. Jun 4, 2009. #1. 2004 Ford F-150 w/ 4.6L and 8.8" rear diff. I was at the dealer today to buy some 75w-90 Motorcraft Synthetic Axle Lube as specified in my owners manual. The parts guy told me that all they have is 75w-140 synthetic and to just run that - he said that this is what Ford now specs for my diff in the service manual.